Boston Othotics and Prosthetics
Boston Othotic and Prosthetics


Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics offers three levels of training in the use of the Rodin4D CAD/CAM system.

Rodin4D NEO Basic Users

  • Software basics
  • Exporting .AOP & .STL file formats
  • Importing .AOP & .STL file formats
  • Creating a cranial report

Rodin4D NEO Intermediate Users

  • Introduction
  • Processing a Captevia scan
  • Processing basic scans (cranial/spinal)
  • Modifying a basic spinal
  • Creating a template
  • Importing a template
  • Creating and saving your own tools
  • Importing inserts
  • Introduction to merging

Rodin4D NEO Advanced Users

  • Importing X-rays
    Modifying imported X-rays
    Modifying Spinal/AFO/BK
    Merging Brims BK/AK
    Merging bi-valve scans (Captevia)