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How We Get the Best Fit Possible

Everyone's body is different, and having a brace or prosthesis that fits perfectly is what determines whether your treatment will be as comfortable and effective as possible.

All Boston O&P clinics have the ability to scan patients depending on their particular condition. Scans of the appropriate body part typically provide us with more precise measurements, therefore we scan whenever possible. Scans are typically a replacement for taking a plaster or fiberglass cast of the patient’s body. Boston O&P orthotists are experts in determining whether a scan or cast is best suited for individual patients.

After scanning, the second part of the process involves a specialized type of computer program called CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). We use CAD/CAM to manufacture a custom-fit orthosis or prosthesis for each patient. In this process, we adjust the design to make the device not only as effective but as comfortable as possible.

The scanning process takes less time than casting and has allowed us the ability to create a more precisely fitting product. Combining scanning and CAD/CAM has greatly improved our patient care. Since Boston Orthotics & Prothetics implemented both scanning and CAD/CAM, many patients, families, and doctors alike have asked what we are doing differently to make the braces fit so well. 

Scanning Benefits

  • No mess
  • Better detail for a more precise fit
  • Better fitting and more comfortable orthotic or prosthetic devices
  • Improved patient compliance with the wear schedule
  • More precise data to prove results, which helps improve patient care 

Scanning is not for every circumstance. Our staff and clinical partners use this approach whenever it is appropriate. Please consult your doctor or clinician for more details.

Our orthotists believe teamwork delivers the best outcomes.

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