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Certified Partner Program

The Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics Certified Partner Program is offered to all existing and potential customers who provide services in markets outside of our clinic areas. Companies can be Certified Partners but only their clinicians, who go through a Boston O&P training course, will be listed as “certified.”

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Partner with Boston O&P 

Expert Training

  • Boston O&P will provide our Certified Partners with training on four key subjects, all for CEU credits:
    • Scoliosis bracing, including our new Boston Brace 3D
    • Cranial remolding helmets
    • Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMOs)
    • Scanning with CAD/CAM adjustments
  • Boston O&P will offer clinician training on a regular basis at cost. Fees charged will be used to cover the costs of putting on the event. Any remaining money will be donated to support groups such as Curvy Girls.
  • Training will take place in Avon, MA, at the headquarters of Boston O&P. If a customer has a large group of participants guaranteed to be in attendance (we suggest at least 20), Boston O&P will consider holding the in-service event at the customer’s desired location.

Product Offers

  • Certified Partners will have access to new products, such as the Boston Brace 3D, before the products are made available to the rest of our customers.
  • All product enhancements, such as the iButton, will also be provided to Certified Partners in advance of the balance of the customer base.


  • Certified Partners can receive a substantial discount on our products, which is determined by their volume.
  • The discount applies to all manufactured products. Distributor products will not be discounted.

Enhanced Marketing

  • Certified clinician names, with company name and web links, will be displayed on the Boston O&P website.
  • Tags will be added, where appropriate, in social media channels.
  • All trained clinicians will be offered signage confirming their education and certification showing their association with Boston O&P.
  • All referrals generated from our website in their respective market area will be provided to our Certified Partners.
  • Certified Partners will have the opportunity to tie in to all Boston O&P seasonal promotional programs: Curvy Girls, Scoli month, etc.
  • Boston O&P marketing literature will be provided to Certified Partners.

Enhanced Service

  • All Certified Partners will be assigned a dedicated customer service representative for enhanced service.

Requirements for Certified Partners

  • Certified Partners must have a minimum company sales volume with Boston O&P of $10,000.
  • Certified Partners must purchase an assortment of products from us, including scoliosis braces and at least one other product from the following categories:
    • Helmets
    • DMOs
    • Lower Limb
  • Certified Partners must make an effort to better serve patients by attending the certified training classes we offer and sharing their knowledge of challenges and best practices. At the training courses, partners will gain a complete understanding of our principals on all products so they can expand their business.
  • Certified Partners must participate in Boston O&P's outcome reporting.
  • Certified Partners must display credentials in their clinics attesting to their Boston O&P certification.
  • Boston O&P agrees to not sell to competitors in the markets of our Certified Partners. Likewise, Certified Partners agree not to compete in the markets served by Boston O&P clinics (defined as within a 25 mile radius of the clinic).

For more information on the Boston O&P Certified Partner Program, click Certified Partner