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Which Scoliosis Brace Makes Sense?

Boston O&P has been the leader in pediatric scoliosis bracing since the 1970s. As medical technology has advanced, so too has our ability to provide each and every patient with the scoliosis brace solution that best fits her or his unique needs.

While the desired outcome of reduced curvature is the same for every patient, we know that every child is different, and a number of factors can impact the brace selection process. The clinicians of Boston O&P and all of the certified partners we have trained to fit our braces are skilled in this process and will work with each family to educate and empower them to make the right choice.

Boston O&P is the one company that provides outcome results on our patients. We can assure you that with our braces, fit by a trained orthotist, and worn the prescribed time, that your results will be equally impressive.

Get a Free Brace Comparison Sheet

If you are considering a scoliosis brace, we encourage you to complete this simple online form to receive our brace comparison sheet. This summary includes great information on our four options for pediatric scoliosis bracing. Your physician and/or orthotist can help with additional questions you may have that could impact your decision. 

Complete this contact form and we'll send you our brace comparison sheet. We only treat pediatric patients. If you are an adult with scoliosis, we suggest you contact a physician or a physical therapist for assistance.

If you are interested in speaking to a clinician you can find one at any of our 25+ Boston O&P clinics. Simply click this link, enter your zip code, enter the number of miles you are willing to travel and the closest clinic, with contact information, will appear. 

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