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Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics began providing orthotic and prosthetic care nearly 50 years ago in Boston, MA, and is dedicated to providing quality prosthetic solutions.

Boston O&P hires the best graduate students from accredited Orthotic/Prosthetic Masters programs. Our residency program is accredited by the National Committee on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education.

All Boston O&P clinics are ABC accredited in both prosthetics and orthotics, and maintain a high level of standards relating to administrative and clinical practices. We consider ourselves more than just a provider of Durable Medical Equipment; we are an essential player in the global health of each of our clients.


Historically, prostheses were body-powered, cable-driven, and/or consisted of medical joints. Arguably, while these devices seem simple or rugged in nature, they maintain their position as a functional and economical treatment option in many circumstances.

It was Dr. Jack Steel, who in 1958, first coined the term, "bionic." Although many perceive bionics to be anything that looks like a new gadget, in prosthetics it refers to motion powered by an electronic motor.

What may have been science fiction half a century ago is reality today. Bionic systems exist, and are developing with an increased sophistication.

As technology improves, Boston O&P clinical staff will maintain the highest level of expertise in technological advancements to continue benefiting all of our clients.