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Bracing Results for Boston Brace 3D®

We are Seeing Outstanding Curve Correction with the Boston Brace 3D®

Patient outcomes are very important to us at Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics. Our bracing outcomes are determined by comparing an X-ray before bracing with an in-brace X-ray, followed by an out-of-brace X-ray usually after the bracing is complete. Most patients achieve greater than 50% correction of the primary curve when wearing the Boston Brace 3D® according to the prescribed wear schedule.

Curve Correction is Better Than the Boston Brace Original

Average Percent Curve Reduction:
Boston Brace 3D vs. Boston Brace ORIGINAL
Thoracic Thoracolumbar
3D Original 3D Original
57% 52% 62% 55%
Primary curve Secondary Curve
3D Original 3D Original
51% 47% 58% 45%

The charts above show the average curve correction for the Boston Brace 3D compared to the Boston Brace Original for thoracic and thoracolumbar curves in single and double curves.

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