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The new Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics eLearning Center

Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics is pleased to announce a new training option that you can take advantage of from anywhere, including your home. With our new eLearning center you can stay connected with the most up to date technology and techniques with Boston O&P. Students, Residents, Certified Orthotists, Physical Therapists and other allied health professionals are welcome to register for our courses. A certificate of completion is provided for continuing education submissions. 

To gain access to our eLearning courses simply click on the button below: 

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Current eLearning opportunities:

Course 1: Understanding the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis with the Original Boston Brace System (2 CEUs). This course is designed for those who are new to scoliosis or need a refresher course about the condition and bracing options. This course can be taken for $50.00 US. Students, currently enrolled in a Master’s O&P program, are welcome to take the course free of charge.  

Course 2: We have also developed a course on the Boston Brace 3D®. This course is designed for the more seasoned professionals who are familiar with scoliosis and want to learn about these new advanced bracing options. This course has been approved for 10 CEUs through the American Board for Certification. An additional 6 credits are available if you complete five, one-to-one video chats with a Boston O&P Certified CPO during the fittings.

Course 3: The Boston Band course was developed in conjunction with specialists in cranio-facial (plastic surgery) and pediatric neurology as an effective solution to the problem of positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, asymmetrical brachycephaly as well as for post-operative craniosynostosis patients.

The Boston Band is a lightweight orthosis made from a three dimensional scan or cast impression of the infant’s head. It is made of a plastic shell lined with multilayered or single layered polyethylene foam that provides a pathway for the infant’s head to grow into a more symmetrical shape. We have applied for 3.25 CEUs through the American Board for Certification.  This course can be taken for $50.00 US.

New Pricing on the Boston Brace 3D Course

Course 2 is available for just $200.00. We are also offering additional clinicians in your organization the option of taking Course 2 for just $50.00 each. First clinician for $200, each additional clinician for just $50.