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Scoliosis & Spine Information for Patients

Why choose Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics? Boston O&P is the leading provider of products and care for the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal conditions, and has 50 years of experience making scoliosis braces—longer than anyone else. Some facts to consider:

Boston O&P Has the Most Experience in Scoliosis

  • Boston O&P has seen tens of thousands of patients through it's own clinics, which allows them to understand the complexities of consistently producing the best products possible.
  • Boston O&P has made thousands of braces for patients throughout the USA, more than any other single manufacturer. Other companies make “Boston type” braces but theirs is the only real, and authentic, Boston Brace.
  • Boston O&P is trusted by, and supplies, top ranked pediatric hospitals like Boston Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Boston O&P manufactures all types of scoliosis braces…daytime, nighttime, anterior/posterior openings. Boston O&P is the scoliosis expert and can provide the correct solution for you.
  • All Boston O&P products go through multiple quality control steps. They stand by their products and back all products with a guarantee that they will meet the measurements provided or they will adjust, and even remake your brace.

Boston O&P is Continually Improving Outcomes

  • The key factor in success is the in-brace x-ray that measures your curve correction. Boston O&P has measured its outcomes for years. Yearly results showed continued improvement and leads the industry. Every patient/parent should ask for outcome data on products.

Boston O&P Upholds the Highest Standards of Care

  • In 2017, Boston O&P made the iButton, their wearing adherence monitor, standard care in all Boston O&P clinics. This is important because it allows for careful monitoring of wear time. With this information, Boston O&P clinicians can work with you to help identify the best plan for a successful outcome. Boston O&P is the only manufacturer of this size who offers this product.

Boston O&P Offers New Products and Continued Innovation

  • Boston O&P has been beta-testing its new Boston Brace 3D for years. The results have been outstanding. This new product continues to reinforce our founder's, Bill Miller, vision of producing the best scoliosis braces available.
  • Boston O&P is in final testing of BraceSim software to further improve consistently good results. BraceSim takes digital x-rays and scans and can project a patient's outcome with continued wear.

Put your trust in the doctors and orthotists that put their trust in us.

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