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Repositioning Your Infant with a RIGHT Head Turn

For Infants With Back Right Flattening

Repositioning is a conservative method of positioning your infant’s head in a manner that can potentially improve the shape of the skull and stretch the neck muscles. Below are a variety of repositioning techniques:

Asleep Time

  • Once your child falls asleep, make sure his/her head is turned to the left. If it is not, then manually turn his/her head. After 15 minutes, check again and reposition if necessary. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times per night. The goal is to have your infant sleep with his/her head turned to the left.
  • Roll up a small blanket or towel and place it in between the mattress and the springs of the crib, under the right side of your child. The goal is to create a 5-10 degree wedge to help promote a left head turn.

Awake Time

  • When on your lap, the child should be sitting on your left leg, with his/her right arm tucked between your torso and your left arm.


  • When playing with your child on his/her tummy, place interesting toys on his/her left side and sit on that side.


  • When burping or carrying your child, hold him/her over your right shoulder, and make sure you are cheek-to-cheek to encourage your child to look to the left.


  • When your child is in the car seat, roll up a receiving blanket behind your child’s right shoulder and torso to prop your child toward the left. *This is only for when carrying your child in the car seat; make sure to remove the receiving blanket while the car is in motion*


  • In addition to Tummy Time, you can carry your child in a face-down position, with his/her right cheek against your right arm to promote a left head turn.



  • If your child likes to raise their right shoulder or tilts their head
     toward their right shoulder, this a good way to carry. It works by
    pushing down on the right shoulder to create a stretch.