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Which Cranial Helmet is Best for Plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly, also called “flat head syndrome,” is a relatively common condition characterized by a flat spot on the back or side of a baby’s head. If left untreated it can result in the head being permanently misshapen, which can cause other issues including facial asymmetry, difficulty fitting helmets and eyeglasses, and jaw misalignment.

Boston O&P is the only company that offers several options for both the prevention and treatment of plagiocephaly, including an affordable helmet solution that achieves results quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in speaking to a clinician you can find one at any of our 25+ Boston O&P clinics. Simply click this link, enter your zip code, enter the number of miles you are willing to travel and the closest clinic, with contact information, will appear. 

Helmet Comparison Chart

If you are considering a cranial helmet to treat flat head syndrome in your baby, we encourage you to complete this simple online form to receive our helmet comparison chart. This chart includes great information on three of the most commonly used cranial helmets for babies, including fitting, construction, quality, and treatment outcomes. 

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