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Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics Residency Program


Boston O&P is seeking residents who would like their careers in O&P to focus on improving the quality of pediatric care. We are looking for motivated and teachable residents with strong leadership skills. We provide a comprehensive residency with experienced mentors who facilitate a learning environment to ensure residents are well prepared for both their board exams and in becoming competent, independent clinicians. 

Additionally, there is further opportunity for residents with an entrepreneurial spirit to assume a leadership role in building a new clinic. After a two year residency plus at least one year of practicing within our clinic system, the clinician may further build upon their career and help open a new pediatric focused clinic in an area where they would like to live, while implementing our major service programs and culture. A desire and personality to actively build a practice and develop referral relationships utilizing our proven service programs is essential with this opportunity. 

Boston O&P Mission

Our mission is to help kids one at a time.

Boston O&P Vision

In the process of achieving our mission, we will be recognized as the leading provider of pediatric orthotic and prosthetic services and products in the United States.

Boston O&P Culture

The foundation of our culture has four synergistic pillars:

  • Our employees own 1/3 of the business and are empowered to act like owners every day. Our desire is to continue to increase the 1/3 employee ownership of the company to a higher percentage as the Company increases in value.
  • We practice LEAN’s bottom-up leadership model in everything we do. Every team in the company is dedicated to providing the best service possible to their patients/customers, both internal and external. In that quest, each team is able to identify recurring problems, resolve internal and cross-functional conflicts on proposed solutions and eliminate the problems. We strive to never pass defects to each other or our patients/customers.
  • We use the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) operating principles to ensure focus on and timely execution of the company’s most important initiatives.
  • We are all lifetime learners. That spirit is woven into all of our day-to-day operations including all of our education offerings and our mentoring program. It is in our open-door policy to residents, interns, students, and collaboration and teamwork with referral sources. It is also inherent to internal promotion and role shifts because we believe that we all have the ability to learn and grow as people and professionals. Each employee is also provided a free subscription to LinkedIn Learning.

Having these pillars in place allow us to support our employees and their families and to help build the O&P profession. Most importantly, these pillars allow us to continuously improve the quality of O&P care provided to children and their families.

Boston O&P Key Strengths

  • We are the only major player in the industry completely focused on children.
  • Research and development investments are focused 100% on improving the quality of orthotic and prosthetic care for children.
  • Best in class service programs have been developed and tested for treating children with scoliosis, plagiocephaly and all lower limb needs through long term relationships with top pediatric hospitals such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • These service programs are implemented with full online education offerings and experienced clinicians’ mentoring to allow full adoption, scalability and the creation of true peer relationships with referral sources.
  • Back-end support functions are in place and continuously improving for scalability to allow clinic personnel to focus on taking care of children.

To apply simply click on the button below which will take you to a form where you can tell us about yourself. For more information please contact: James Wynne, CPO, FAAOP, Vice President, Director of Education, Resident Director. Call: 508.638.1144, email:, or visit our Careers section.

Residency Program Form

Boston O&P hires the best graduate students from accredited Orthotic/Prosthetic Masters programs. Our residency program is accredited by the National Committee on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education.