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Spine and Scoliosis Brace Options

Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics is the leading provider of products and care for the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal conditions. Almost 50 years ago our founder, Bill Miller, designed and patented a revolutionary thermoplastic bracing system for the non-operative treatment of scoliosis. The Boston Brace, a custom-made scoliosis back brace, has been the gold standard for non-surgical alternatives ever since.

Scoliosis back brace with American flag designBoston Brace 3D®

The Boston Brace 3D® is the latest evolution of the Boston Brace System. To ensure maximal curve correction, the Boston Brace 3D is custom-fabricated for each individual patient using a digital laser scan and precise measurements to create a 3D CAD/CAM model.  > Read More

Boston Brace OriginalScoliosis back brace with maritime design

The Boston Brace Original is the most studied and utilized scoliosis brace in the world, and is considered the premier system for the non-operative treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis. Clinically proven to control curve progression, the Boston Brace Original is available in custom-made and off-the-shelf versions. Available models include Lumbar, Thoracic, or Thoraco/Lumbar. All Boston Braces may be lined, partially lined, or unlined. Standard brace comes with a posterior opening but has the option of an anterior opening as well.  > Read More

Boston Brace Night ShiftScoliosis back brace with smiley face design 

The Boston Brace Night Shift aims to achieve maximum curve correction by applying direct, opposing forces to straighten curves. This type of scoliosis bracing has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in treating scoliosis during sleeping hours. Having to wear a scoliosis brace all day can be tough for young teens, so having the nighttime option may increase compliance.  > Read More

Boston Brace RC

The Boston Brace RC is an asymmetrical, anterior opening, custom fabricated scoliosis orthosis. This is a custom made brace from a scan of the patient and incorporates the principles of the Rigo-Cheneau brace. The Boston Brace RC provides a systematic approach with the specific design of the orthosis guided by a classification system. This classification includes clinical and X-ray criteria. > Read More

Scoliosis back brace with dinosaur design for infantsBoston Brace Baby

The Boston Brace Baby is used in the non-operative treatment of infantile idiopathic scoliosis. The Boston Brace Baby orthosis is specifically designed to utilize many of the Mehta and Boston Brace 3D concepts. It may be used in combination with Metha casting or it can be used as the primary means of treatment. > Read More 

Kyphosis back brace with butterfly designBoston Kyphosis Brace

The human spine, when viewed from the side, has a natural inward sway at the bottom and an outward sway at the top. These back-to-front curves are considered normal and change during the course of normal human growth, development and aging. The inward sway is referred to as lordosis, the outward sway is termed kyphosis. >Read More 

Boston Body Jacket

Designed to immobilize the thoracic and lumbar spine after trauma or surgery, the Boston Body Jacket improves stability and promotes healing, which can help encourage shorter hospital stays. Available finished or unfinished, and custom or standard module sizes.  > Read More



 Boston Overlap Brace (BOB)

Boston Overlap Brace (BOB) has been clinically proven effective in the treatment of spinal conditions such as spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis and was the first brace to use the anterior overlap design, which allows the patient to adjust the brace for comfort.  > Read More


Boston Soft Spinal Orthosis (SSO) 

The Boston Soft Spinal Orthosis (SSO) is designed to provide sitting and standing posture support to patients with neuromuscular scoliosis or neuromuscular disease presenting with low tone. The versatility and comfort of this brace makes it ideal for treating many types of trunk instability.   
> Read More

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