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Named after Bill Miller, the founder and inventor of the Boston Brace, who had two great passions in his life – innovation and compassionate care for patients.

By reading these blog posts you will learn more about conditions including scoliosis, plagiocephaly, and lower limb and neuromuscular conditions, including technological advancements, treatment options, and how Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics is working to improve the lives of the people we serve. Bill's spirit lives on here.

Mother and Daughter: Warriors of Scoliosis

Mother and Daughter: Warriors of Scoliosis

At the age of 12, Erica McLeod was diagnosed with scoliosisShe was scared and unfamiliar with the diagnosisOne year later at age 13, she underwent a spinal fusion to treat her scoliosis. After her healing and recovery, she felt ashamed and embarrassed by her scar It took many years for her to start to feel comfortable in her skin. 

Today, Erica is a proud mother of 4 children (two who have also been diagnosed with scoliosis)  Her knowledge and experience have shaped her approach to the treatment of scoliosis in her own childrenShe was able to support her son on the decision to have surgery due to a fast-progressing curve and played a big role in advocating for her daughter, Willow, to be braced earlier before her curve worsened. Erica is using her confidence and courage to support her children and others in the scoliosis community.  Being involved with the support group “Back to Healing” shows her daughter acceptance, empowerment, education and advocacy for families who have scoliosis diagnosis. Erica led her home in advocacy and encouraged her daughter in her own advocacy journey with Higgy Bears.  

Willow Montgomery was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with scoliosis She first came to Boston Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2022 and is currently being treated by Cara Pinker, a BO&P CPO in the Annapolis, Maryland office.  She and Cara, along with Willow’s mom, Erica, worked closely together on the measuring and fitting of her most recent scoliosis brace  Willow continues to see Cara for follow ups and adjustments to ensure the best correction of her curve and comfortability of her brace.  Willow wears the Boston Brace 3D to treat her scoliosis. 

When asked about Willow’s treatment, Cara said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Willow since December 2022, and since our first appointment I have been impressed with the incredible support and encouragement Willow receives from her family and friends. As an orthotist, I make a point to find something to celebrate with patients (and their families) in every appointment. With Willow, it is so easy to find reasons for celebration as she consistently excels her prescribed wear time in the brace, develops her voice as she advocates for herself in appointments, and finds creative outlets to navigate a scoliosis diagnosis with her peers. 

Provided by Back to Healing

Not only is Willow a superstar when it comes to wearing her brace and understanding the importance of her treatment, but she is also an awesome advocate for scoliosis  

Being actively involved in groups like Higgy Bears and Higgy Con, she finds friendship and camaraderie with others who have scoliosis. In July this year, she will attend Higgy Con and has started a local Higgy Friends’ group where she lives.  Willow takes pride in her advocacy and inspires others to share their own journeys.  Most important to her is the emphasis of education and a supportive community to help children facing similar battles.  

Despite facing challenges and feeling self-conscious at times, both Erica and Willow have embraced their scoliosis journeys and become advocates for others. They believe in the power of community, education, and sharing experiences to make a difference. Recognizing that though it may be difficult in the beginning, it does get easier with time and support. They find strength in their resilience and the qualities that define them beyond their condition. Both Erica and Willow engage in various hobbies and activities that bring them joy and help them care for themselves. They encourage others to stay strong, be brave, and know that they are not alone in their journeys. 

Pictures provided by Back to Healing, found at  or on Instagram @backtohealing_org

by Dee Rusinko  | 

Scoliosis and Physical Therapy

Scoliosis and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is used to increase function, range of motion, and strength in a specific part of the body. When paired with other treatments or interventions, it can help improve outcomes and have longer-lasting results. There are many physical therapy specialties, and physical therapy for scoliosis requires a specific training program that certifies an individual to practice in that sub-specialty.

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Now Read This:  Books for Scoliosis Families

Books can help us understand and get through the biggest of life's challenges, and scoliosis is no exception. Check out these great books about scoliosis for every level of reader.

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by Sarah Cunzolo, COA, CFo, CPed  | 

Roxy the Dog Teaches Kids It’s OK to Be Different

Roxy the Dog Teaches Kids It’s OK to Be Different

Roxy is 12 years old and has weakness in her hind legs, has undergone four surgeries, and at one point almost lost a limb. Fortunately, surgery saved her leg, so she still has all four. That’s right: Roxy is a dog, and her mom, Hillary Sussman, is using her story to help differently abled kids gain more confidence and overcome their physical limitations.

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by Sarah Cunzolo, CPed, COA, CFo  | 

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