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Named after Bill Miller, the founder and inventor of the Boston Brace, who had two great passions in his life – innovation and compassionate care for patients.

By reading these blog posts you will learn more about conditions including scoliosis, plagiocephaly, and lower limb and neuromuscular conditions, including technological advancements, treatment options, and how Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics is working to improve the lives of the people we serve. Bill's spirit lives on here.

New Night Brace and KAFO Transform the Life of Girl with Spina Bifida

New Night Brace and KAFO Transform the Life of Girl with Spina BifidaKaden has spina bifida, and needs an AFO on one leg and a KAFO on the other in order to walk and stand. Kaden and her mom have been dealing with different orthotists and various devices since birth, but never found one that did more than the bare minimum. Then they found Craig Edmunds, a certified orthotist and the clinical director of the Pittsburgh region for of Boston O&P, and that changed everything. This is Kaden's story, as told by her mom.

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Posted 5.23.2018

Boston O&P Employees Celebrate Their Moms on Mother’s Day

Boston O&P Employees Celebrate Their Moms on Mother’s DayAt Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, we work with moms every day: mothers who bring their babies into our clinics to get fitted for plagiocephaly helmets, mothers who accompany their young daughters through the process of scoliosis treatment, mothers who provide comfort and support every day as they seek out the best treatment for their children.

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Posted 5.11.2018

Tech Q&A with Jason Leoncello

Tech Q&A with Jason LeoncelloJason Leoncello is a Spinal Production Lead and Finish Tech, specializing in the production and finishing of Boston O&P's industry-leading scoliosis braces. He has been with Boston O&P for 12 years, and still loves the feeling he gets from finishing a brace that will help improve a patient's life.

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Posted 5.8.2018

Scoliosis Bracing Case Study: Boston Brace 3D Achieves Impressive Curve Correction

Scoliosis Bracing Case Study: Boston Brace 3D Achieves Impressive Curve CorrectionHolly’s daughter Aubrey was the typical tween. She played basketball and volleyball and did Irish dancing. “She’s a typical almost-13-year-old,” said Holly, “hanging with her friends and on her phone all the time. She never sits still.” Then, at her well visit a year ago, the nurse practitioner checked her spine and told Holly to get Aubrey’s back x-rayed. The results showed a 29° curve, which put it in the low range of moderate scoliosis, defined as a spinal curve of 25°– 40°.

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Posted 4.16.2018

Tech Q&A with Gary Mathis

Tech Q&A with Gary MathisGary Mathis joined Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics as a technician in June 2017. He specializes in fabricating, altering, and repairing braces and orthotics, and has also performed repairs and made some adjustments on prostheses. Gary obviously loves what he does...he's been in the O&P profession for 35+ years and works in our Cleveland (Westlake) office.

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Posted 4.11.2018

Finding a Path to Independence with DMO ‘Supergirl’ Suit

Finding a Path to Independence with DMO ‘Supergirl’ Suit The moment Kaylin Nichols walked onto the stage at the Virginia Miss Abilities Pageant, it was magic. There, under the stage lights, dressed in a pink body suit, blue jeans and Converse sneakers, the 8-year-old from the tiny town of Martinsburg, West Virginia, showed off her ‘ability—walking. Walking may not seem like a big deal, but for Kaylin, it’s actually a huge accomplishment. A mere month earlier, she could barely stand on her own.

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Posted 3.27.2018

Tech Q&A with Gordy Frazier

Tech Q&A with Gordy FrazierAs a helmet tech with Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, Gordy Frazier specializes in fabricating and fitting Boston Bands for babies who have been diagnosed with plagiocephaly.

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Posted 3.13.2018

'It's Not a Disability, It's a Different Ability'

'It's Not a Disability, It's a Different Ability' The first time Michael O’Hearn won an alpine skiing medal he slept with it for months. Peculiar? Maybe. But by all accounts, the freckle-faced 16-year-old shouldn’t be standing on a mountain, let alone skiing down one. Born with a rare…

Posted 2.20.2018

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