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Free Plagiocephaly Prevention and Treatment Consultations

All Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics clinics are now offering a free consultation to parents and caregivers of infants who may be showing symptoms of plagiocephaly or some form of “flat-head syndrome” likely because of congenital muscular torticollis. Boston O&P, a leading provider that specializes in treating children, is happy to offer parents and caregivers this option.

Free Consultations for PlagiocephalyIf you’ve noticed flattening on your baby’s head, you may be wondering if it requires treatment, or if the head will round out on its own. To be able to address these concerns, you can now contact a Boston O&P clinic to schedule a free consultation with a certified orthotist specializing in plagiocephaly treatment.

At the complimentary consultation, the clinician will assess the flattening, take measurements of the baby’s head, and make a recommendation based on the degree of cranial deformity and the age of the baby. They'll also be able to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

What to expect at the complimentary consultation

  • Baby is measured by cranial calipers
  • A 3D scan of your child’s head
  • Education on different types of cranial asymmetries
  • Receive results about the severity of asymmetry
  • Repositioning/tummy time advice
  • Torticollis screening
  • Receive a recommended plan to follow
  • Report is sent to referring physician (PCP, neurosurgeon, etc.)

There is no charge for the initial consultation, regardless of whether the parent/caregiver chooses to follow the advice of the clinician.

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Younger Babies

If your baby is younger and isn’t rolling yet, the Perfect Noggin may be recommended. The Perfect Noggin is a contoured sleep surface that comfortably cradles the back of the infant's head, promoting natural head shape and symmetry as the infant grows.

Older Babies

If the baby is older and able to roll over from their back to their belly, the clinician will provide advice to help you decide if infant helmet therapy with the Boston Band may be a good option for your child. 

Should you decide to move forward with treatment, the additional services include:

  • The Perfect Noggin sleep surface OR the Boston Band helmet
  • Education on proper use of either device
  • Multiple follow up visits to re-take measurements, discuss progress, and discharge from treatment when appropriate

If you decide to proceed with treatment a prescription is required, which you can obtain from a pediatrician. The bundled cost of all of these services is extra.

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