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Plagiocephaly Results

More than 500 patients with abnormal head shape are treated at Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics clinics annually. We are known for treating patients as if they were our own children, and we review clinical outcomes regularly to ensure we are providing consistent quality care.

Boston O&P's Boston Band helmet results beat the industry standards by far. The industry standard for helmet wear is 16-26 weeks, while the vast majority of our patients (more than 80%) are discharged from care in less than 14 weeks.

How Long Will My Child Be In a Helmet?

The graphs below show the number of weeks a child is expected to be in a helmet. Not every child grows at the same rate so results may vary but these statistics can be a useful guide.

Early Detection is Key

Early detection is key to a more successful outcome. The charts also show the difference between a child diagnosed before six months of age and one diagnosed after six months. Length of time in the helmet is shortened when discovered at an early age.

Brachycephaly severity scale
5 20 wks 19 wks
4 15 wks 16 wks  
3 11 wks 14 wks    
2 10 wks        
1 (norm)   9 wks 12 wks 14 wks 19 wks
  1 (norm) 2 3 4 5
Plagiocephaly severity scale
Brachycephaly severity scale
5 17 wks 19 wks
4 16 wks 17 wks  
3 13 wks 15 wks    
2 9 wks        
1 (norm)   10 wks 13 wks 16 wks 18 wks
  1 (norm) 2 3 4 5
Plagiocephaly severity scale