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Clinicians Become Certified in Rigo Cheneau Bracing System

NOPCO is pleased to announce that just recently two of our clinicians have joined a very short list of Orthotists in the US that are certified in the Rigo Cheneau Bracing System. The Rigo Cheneau Bracing System was created by Dr. Manuel Rigo, MD, by modifying the original Cheneau brace that was created by Dr. Cheneau in 1979. Dr. Manuel Rigo has trained both John Berteletti, CO and James Miller,CPO in the Rigo Cheneau brace principles, design, and application. They were trained and certified at the Bundesfachschule fur Orthopadie-Technik in Dortmund, Germany which is their Federal Academy of Orthopaedic Technology. The addition of this bracing technique continues to add to the wealth of knowledge and different options in treating scoliosis through NOPCO.

Please contact your local office in regards to the Rigo Cheneau Bracing System or for any other orthopedic or prosthetic need.

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