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Patient Experience Survey

Survey Responses for Boston O&P of Salem

At Boston O&P, our goal is to continuously improve the patient experience by listening to our patients and incorporating their feedback into ongoing adjustments and improvements. Every week, a patient experience survey is emailed to all patients who were fitted with an orthosis or prosthesis at an appointment during the previous week. Recipients are asked to rate Boston O&P in six categories. Results of the patient experience survey are published in our employee newsletter, and we follow up with anyone who reports a sub-optimal experience to get more details and see how we can improve.

Below is a selection of comments we have received from patients and families.

“The staff was beyond accomodating and caring. We can never speak highly enough of them since we lived so far away.” (5/12/2021)

“This was our first visit to Salem and the service was exceptional. We've only dealt with a couple orthotists in Waltham and Boston, but Stephen Beadoin was great to work with. He spoke to my daughter with respect. The receptionist was very friendly and kind. We are looking forward to working with this facility and staff again!” (3/10/2021)

“Tom Harrigan made us feel so at ease about the plagio helmet we needed for our 5 month old son. He explained everything to us in such great detail and helped us understand the process. We were anxious about our son having a helmet, Dr. Tom reaffirmed our decision by turning this into a positive and easy to navigate situation.” (2/21/2021)