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Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics Launches Online Training for Orthotists, Physical Therapists and Students

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In a demonstration of its ongoing commitment to the training and development of competent and compassionate practitioners, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics now offers a variety of online training courses and resources for healthcare practitioners treating patients using Boston O&P’s unique clinical solutions.

Boston O&P’s new eLearning Center includes online courses for certified or licensed orthotists, physical therapists, and students in school for orthotics and prosthetics.

Courses include an introductory scoliosis review that covers the basics of the non-operative management of idiopathic scoliosis according to the original Boston Brace principles. This online course, which has been approved for 2.5 CEUs through the American Board for Certification, is designed for clinicians looking to refresh their knowledge on scoliosis, blueprinting and brace design.

Phase 2 of the new online training will introduce a course on the Boston Brace 3D®. This scoliosis orthosis, custom made from a scan, has built-in corrective forces and respects each patient’s sagittal profile. Clinicians will learn the basics of patient evaluation, scanning and fitting the Boston Brace 3D.

Future online training will include courses on the Boston Brace Night Shift, cranial remolding with our Boston Band products, and the iButton scoliosis compliance monitor.

“Education has always been part of the Boston O&P DNA, so we are pleased to introduce our online training, which will enable more clinicians to take advantage of our knowledge,” said Jim Wynne, CPO, Boston O&P Vice President and Director of Training and Education. “As we continue to improve the way we treat patients, we will continue to refresh these tools so clinicians will always have access to the most recent educational information.”

Boston O&P also offers in-person training, with a full schedule of courses on a wide range of topics. Because in-person training courses related to scoliosis are always full, Boston O&P wanted to offer another way for clinicians to learn about the non-surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis and Boston O&P’s bracing products.

“With all of our scoliosis courses selling out, we knew we had to offer an additional resource to allow clinicians to take advantage of our expertise,” said Jamie Benelli, CPO, Vice President and Director of Sales. “The online training courses offered through our new eLearning center give both students and professionals the chance to learn more about scoliosis on their own schedule—taking courses wherever and whenever works best for them.”

For more information or to register for online training, visit Boston O&P’s eLearning Center.

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