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Patient Experience Survey

Survey Responses for Boston O&P of Boston Children's Hospital

At Boston O&P, our goal is to continuously improve the patient experience by listening to our patients and incorporating their feedback into ongoing adjustments and improvements. Every week, a patient experience survey is emailed to all patients who were fitted with an orthosis or prosthesis at an appointment during the previous week. Recipients are asked to rate Boston O&P in six categories. Results of the patient experience survey are published in our employee newsletter, and we follow up with anyone who reports a sub-optimal experience to get more details and see how we can improve.

Below is a selection of comments we have received from patients and families.

“I don't even know where to begin. Kaitlin Rivest has been amazing to work with at Boston O&P! She has gone out of her way to help us get adjusted to my daughter's back brace. She was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and professional when we first had our first appointment with her. Once we got home and the reality of the brace sank in, we had some issues. I emailed Kaitlin and she got right back to me and continued to email me with helpful suggestions until she eased my mind. She even arranged for me to exchange my daughters tank tops with the office closer to my home. Our 2nd visit was just as good as the first. She was very reassuring and eased my daughters mind when it came to wearing the brace and the length of time we'd have it. Overall our experience was amazing because of Kaitlin. I can't say enough about her!!” (5/21/2021)

“Kaitlin Rivest went above and beyond to make my daughter feel comfortable in the uncomfortable circumstance. She has been very supportive still through email and I'm so thankful for her.” (4/22/2021)

“We saw David Fine. He always goes above and beyond my expectations. He takes the time to make sure everything fits my daughter perfectly. He has made many braces for my daughter.” (4/11/2021)

“My daughter saw an Orthopedist at BCH, who ordered a back brace. Boston O&P was able to fit us in the same day. The staff was pleasant and informative. It was a positive experience.” (3/29/2021)

“Mauricio is always very respectful and kind to my son who has been wearing the Boston brace for 5 years now (Scoliosis identified very young). His brace is as comfortable as it can be and making an appointment was easy.” (3/12/2021)