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Behind the Curve: Debunking Top Scoliosis Myths (Part 2 - Treatment Professionals)

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Part 2 of 7: In this post, we tackle common myths we often hear from families who have questions about scoliosis treatment professionals, and provide information to support a better understanding of the specialized care scoliosis requires. 

Myth #4: Chiropractors can treat scoliosis as well as orthotists.

Chiropractors do not have the same training as an orthotist or a physician. Having a chiropractor treat scoliosis is like having a landscaper paint your house - same area, different skill set. For more information, visit the National Scoliosis Society FAQ.

Myth #5: Someone who makes one brace a year is “experienced.”

As with everything, experience matters. We wouldn’t recommend a surgeon who performed one heart transplant over another who has performed many. At Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, we fit and make thousands of scoliosis braces every year.

Myth #6: Physical therapy isn’t necessary.

We believe physical therapy helps. There are many things that lead to a successful outcome, including the right prescription from your physician, an experienced orthotist, the right brace, wearing compliance and physical therapy. To ensure the patient stays strong and flexible during the course of treatment a physical therapy regime is necessary. The old adage goes, "if you don't use it, you lose it." The day will come when brace wear in no longer needed and you'll want your muscles ready.

Myth #7: All medical professionals are able to fabricate and fit a scoliosis brace.

Not true. Orthotists are medical professionals that have trained specifically in the biomechanics, material science and brace construction. Scoliosis is a specialty requiring additional training and skill. Ask your orthotist about their training and outcomes to ensure they are the right match for your situation. 

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