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Learn more about scoliosis, spinal treatment and products from Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics. Blog posts cover new technology, product comparisons, clinician profiles, scoliosis treatment results, resources for patients and families, and inspiring stories about living with scoliosis.

Tech Q&A with Assali Bazelais

Tech Q&A with Assali BazelaisAssali Bazelais is a technician who has been with Boston O&P for 15 years. He specializes in finishing scoliosis and other spinal braces. His goal? “To help as many patients as I can.”

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Posted 7.10.2018

Nighttime Bracing for the Treatment of Scoliosis

Nighttime Bracing for the Treatment of ScoliosisThe Boston Brace Night Shift is a Boston O&P scoliosis orthosis designed specifically for nighttime wear. It provides comprehensive treatment to all curve types and can help to make bracing more comfortable while still being effective in stopping curve progression.

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Posted 6.20.2018

Tech Q&A with Leo Murphy

Tech Q&A with Leo MurphyLeo Murphy is a scoli finish technician who has been with Boston O&P for 15 years. He specializes in finishing scoliosis braces. "When I make a brace and see the in-brace x-ray with a great correction, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing my goals," Murphy said. "I set out to finish the best brace for every patient."

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Posted 6.12.2018

Q&A with Jim Wynne, CPO, Vice President

Q&A with Jim Wynne, CPO, Vice PresidentJim Wynne has more than 25 years of experience as a certified orthotist/prosthetist and has been with Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics since 1993. As Boston O&P’s director of training and education, Jim conducts national and international training seminars on the theory and practice of the Boston Brace System as well as other innovative products developed by Boston O&P.

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Posted 6.6.2018

Tech Q&A with Jason Leoncello

Tech Q&A with Jason LeoncelloJason Leoncello is a spinal production lead and finish tech, specializing in the production and finishing of Boston O&P's industry-leading scoliosis braces. He has been with Boston O&P for 12 years, and still loves the feeling he gets from finishing a brace that will help improve a patient's life.

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Posted 5.8.2018

Scoliosis Bracing Case Study: Boston Brace 3D Achieves Impressive Curve Correction

Scoliosis Bracing Case Study: Boston Brace 3D Achieves Impressive Curve CorrectionHolly’s daughter Aubrey was the typical tween. She played basketball and volleyball and did Irish dancing. “She’s a typical almost-13-year-old,” said Holly, “hanging with her friends and on her phone all the time. She never sits still.” Then, at her well visit a year ago, the nurse practitioner checked her spine and told Holly to get Aubrey’s back x-rayed. The results showed a 29° curve, which put it in the low range of moderate scoliosis, defined as a spinal curve of 25°– 40°.

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Posted 4.16.2018

New Year’s Resolutions from Boston O&P

New Year’s Resolutions from Boston O&PMaking resolutions for the New Year is a time-honored tradition. According to a recent poll by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, five of the top six most popular resolutions for 2018 involved health.

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Posted 1.3.2018

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