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Q&A with John Berteletti, CO, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics

Q&A with John Berteletti, CO, Boston Orthotics & ProstheticsJohn Berteletti has been with Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics for more than 25 years, and has been called “the godfather of the Boston Brace 3D”—the latest evolution of the Boston Brace System, which is custom fabricated for each individual patient using a digital laser scan and precise measurements to create a 3D CAD/CAM model. In this Q&A, John discusses how he joined Boston O&P, his role in developing the Boston Brace 3D, and key advances in scoliosis care. 

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Posted 11.12.2017

Behind the Curve: Debunking Top Scoliosis Myths (Part 1 - Diagnosis)

As pioneers in the field of scoliosis bracing, the professionals at Boston O&P have heard a lot misconceptions associated with scoliosis, living with it, and how it is treated.  In this multi-part series, we will share some of the myths most commonly discussed between clinicians and families and provide information to support a better understanding of scoliosis and scoliosis bracing. 

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Posted 11.8.2017

Now Read This: Books for Scoliosis Families

Now Read This:  Books for Scoliosis FamiliesOctober is National Book Month, and the 15th through the 21st is designated as Teen Read Week in the United States. What better way to celebrate both than with some great books on scoliosis? Here are some reads for every reader.

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Posted 10.17.2017

Themed Crafts Can Lend Support Following Scoliosis Diagnosis

Themed Crafts Can Lend Support Following Scoliosis DiagnosisEvery year, the majority of new scoliosis cases are diagnosed in girls at or near the onset of puberty. It is an already emotionally challenging time in a young person’s life, made more complex by a diagnosis that can result in multiple doctor visits, brace fittings, pain, discomfort, and adjusting to wearing a brace.

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Posted 9.26.2017

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