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New Treatments for SMA Offer Hope for Ava

New Treatments for SMA Offer Hope for Ava  Ava Jean Finelli, affectionately called “Jelly Bean,” was just a few months old when her parents started to notice something wasn’t quite right. “She couldn't lift her head during tummy time, and she wasn't kicking her legs or moving her arms,” says her mom, Laura Finelli.

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Posted 8.1.2019

How a Dancer Narrowly Escaped Scoliosis Surgery

How a Dancer Narrowly Escaped Scoliosis Surgery The sport and art of dance focuses on strength, poise, grace and discipline—all areas Emily Hauser works tirelessly to hone and perfect during her many hours of practice with the Evanston Dance Ensemble. What Emily didn’t anticipate was yet another challenge—scoliosis.

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Posted 7.11.2019

Catching Up (and Keeping Up) with Charlie

Catching Up (and Keeping Up) with CharlieThree-year-old Charlie sits close to his five-year-old brother Noah. It is a rare moment of quiet and calm in the Landvatter’s Amherst, New Hampshire, home and a sharp contrast from more than two years ago when Charlie sat on the same couch unable to move his arms or legs.

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Posted 4.29.2019

Q&A with Matt Westlake, CO, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics

Q&A with Matt Westlake, CO, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics Matt Westlake joined Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics in 2018 as the Clinical Director of the Manhattan and River Edge, NJ clinics. In this Q&A, Matt shares how an injury changed the course of his life, how he learned about orthotics, and why he chose to specialize in rare orthopedic and neurological pathologies in children.

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Posted 4.16.2019

His Happiness Makes Everything Easier

His Happiness Makes Everything EasierGavin Wells sidles up to his sister on the couch, “Oh, baby sister, so cute. Hold hands.” He loves to cuddle with her, says his mom Brigid, “But then, if you put her in his lap, he says, ‘So big.’” At 27-inches tall and just under 20 pounds, 3-year-old Gavin is almost the same size as his 7-month-old sister Ananda.

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Posted 11.26.2018

Tech Q&A with Luis Cotto

Tech Q&A with Luis CottoLuis Cotto, CFo, is a technician and certified fitter in the Peabody, MA, clinic. He fabricates braces, from modifying, all the way to finishing. He gives clinicians more time with patients while he is able to make adjustments to devices. He's always available to help and always puts the patients needs first.

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Posted 11.13.2018

Tech Q&A with Jason Leoncello

Tech Q&A with Jason LeoncelloJason Leoncello is a spinal production lead and finish tech, specializing in the production and finishing of Boston O&P's industry-leading scoliosis braces. He has been with Boston O&P for 12 years, and still loves the feeling he gets from finishing a brace that will help improve a patient's life.

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Posted 5.8.2018

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