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Behind the Curve: Debunking Top Scoliosis Myths (Part 4 - Living with Scoliosis)

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Part 4 of 7: In this post, we examine myths we often hear from people and families who are living with scoliosis, and provide information to support a better understanding of scoliosis and scoliosis bracing. 

Myth #11: Once diagnosed, scoliosis is relentlessly progressive.

Not true. Each patient is different. In some patients it is progressive, in others it is not. Bracing is designed to slow the progression and in some cases it can even correct curves.

Myth #12: Scoliosis makes you fragile.

Nonsense. Scoliosis does not make you fragile. In fact, many teens continue their normal activities and sports throughout scoliosis treatment.

Myth #13: You can’t travel after scoliosis surgery.

While we can't speak for every situation and every patient, most patients that have surgery can travel. Of course there is a recovery period, as there would be after any type of surgery, but once that time frame has passed, patients can travel freely.

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