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Behind the Curve: Debunking Top Scoliosis Myths (Part 6 - More Bracing for Beginners)

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Part 6 of 7: As you learn more about bracing, you're likely to hear some misconceptions about the process. In this post, we focus on more myths that those new to bracing might hear.

Myth #17: Nighttime braces work as well as 24/7 braces.

The longer you wear a brace, the more likely your outcome will be what you expect. Wearing a brace for 8 hours vs. 18 hours may not be what is needed. At Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, we make 24/7 braces as well as nighttime braces. Your physician or orthotist can determine what’s best for your unique situation.

Myth #18: Everything about scoliosis and bracing on the internet is true.

While the internet can be a helpful research tool, it also has lot of inaccurate information. Your medical professional (physician, orthotist, physical therapist, orthopedist) can help you navigate through all the noise. Here are a few websites that provide general, unbiased information about scoliosis:


Myth #19. Once a brace is made, it cannot be adjusted.

While there are braces on the market that cannot be adjusted, a Boston Brace can be adjusted at any time for comfort and effectiveness. We recommend frequent visits to the orthotist, especially if a patient is not comfortable. We adjust braces all the time with pads and padding. We want our patients to be comfortable, because the more comfortable they are, the more they will wear their brace, and the more successful the outcome.

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