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Love is in the Air at Boston O&P

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At Boston O&P, we love our jobs and we love our families. This Valentine's Day we celebrate two couples that found a way to combine the two.

Beth & Russell Jones

Beth and Russell Jones have been married for 24 years and have worked for Boston O&P for over a decade. Beth started in 2004 as a billing specialist. Two years later in 2006, there was an open position as a tech in production. Beth thought, “This is a job for Russell!”

She was right, and Russell joined the Boston O&P team. 11 years later and they are still working together. Beth and Russell enjoy the time spent together at work as well as the car rides every day.

As Russell finishes the braces, Beth is right there ready to start the claim and get the patient billed. Both of them play vital roles at Boston O&P and we don’t know what we or our patients would do without them!

Debbie & Gordy Frazier

Debbie has been with Boston O&P for almost 27 years, and Gordy joined in December of 2014.

“We actually met in junior high, so we have known each other for almost 40 years,” Debbie said. “We re-connected 8 years ago, on Facebook, and started dating several months later. We’ve been married for almost 4 years.”

Before joining Boston O&P, Gordy worked as an insulator for 30 years—a physically demanding job that was beginning to take a toll. “When you reach a certain age, your body just can’t do it anymore,” said Debbie, “so when this opportunity came up, I suggested he give this a try. And he’s been very happy that he has. He loves the idea of helping people, especially children.  He really enjoys what he does now!”

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