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What should I bring to my clinic appointment?

Rx: The most important document to bring is your prescription (Rx) from your doctor. That is essential for us to fit you with a brace. 

Insurance card: Bring your insurance card so we can check your insurance benefits. If you have a primary and secondary, please bring both.

Payment: Bring your credit card, checkbook, or cash so you can pay for the portion of the bill that insurance doesn’t cover.

Questions: Be sure to take some time prior to your appointment to think of any questions you have. Our clinicians want you to feel informed and in control through the whole process. We believe an informed patient is the one with a better treatment prognosis and greater prospects of independence.

How long will my appointment take?

We believe every patient is an individual with unique needs. We will devote whatever time is necessary to properly measure and fit you with a brace. Here are some of the guidelines we use:

Cranial remolding helmet:

  • Initial measure: one hour
  • Follow-up appointments: half hour


  • Initial measure: one hour
  • Fit appointment: one and half hours
  • Follow-ups: one hour

Leg/Foot orthotics:

  • Varies greatly depending on the severity (15 minutes to two hours)


  • Varies greatly (half hour to three hours)

How will I know how much it's going to cost me?

The cost varies depending on the type of brace and what insurance plan you have.

Non-Custom Braces: If we can fit you with an off-the-shelf brace while you wait, we will check with your insurance company while you wait. We will tell you the cost and ask for payment before you leave with the brace.

Custom Braces: If you need a brace to be custom-made to meet your needs, we will ask for your co-pay at the time of your measure appointment. Meanwhile, a billing specialist will check your insurance benefits and call you within a few days to let you know how much your insurance company will pay and what will be your responsibility. Once those pieces are in place, your order is sent into fabrication, and we will call you when it’s ready to be fit.

Is there a long wait at the clinic?

If you have an appointment, we should be seeing you within 15 minutes of your appointment time. However, if a doctor sends you to us without an appointment, it can be challenging to manage. Therefore, we encourage you to make an appointment at anyone of our clinics that is close to your home.

What is an Orthotist? What is a Prosthetist?

An orthotist is a medical professional trained and certified in measuring, designing, and fitting orthotic devices. A prosthetist is a medical professional trained and certified in measuring, designing, and fitting artificial limbs (prostheses). Boston O&P has both certified orthotists and certified prosthetists.

How do I know if my brace is working as designed?

It’s hard for a patient to tell if a brace is working as designed. Your doctor is trained to diagnose and prescribe the right brace for you. Your orthotist/prosthetist is trained to measure, design, fit, and follow-up on your brace. Bring your questions to your appointment or feel free to call and talk to your orthotist/prosthetist.