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DMO Sensory

Designed to support children with sensory difficulties, the tightness and compression design of the DMO Sensory range gives proprioceptive feedback, helping support overactive and low endurance sensory presentations and aiding a sense of calm in pediatric patients.

As the name suggests the DMO Sensory range has been specially designed for pediatric patients with sensory difficulties. The products can aid both overactivity or low endurance presentations with the proprioceptive input from the tightness and compression helping increase spatial awareness and concentration.

Proprioceptive input to the brain can be a powerful tool in helping self-regulation and the tightness of these designs can help improve the body’s ability to sense its location, movement and actions. This can lead to a greater sense of calm, enabling children in particular, to settle and engage more effectively – for instance in the classroom.

The dynamic movement products are made from elastomeric fabric to ensure a close fit and should be worn next to the skin.  DM Orthotics recognizes that how clothes feel is often an important consideration amongst people with sensory issues, so the seams are designed to be on the outside to ensure a smooth surface next to the skin. Improving the inside feel of the product can help reduce tactile sensitivity.

The DMO Sensory range consists of:

  • A pre-sized vest and leggings that only requires one measurement to be taken (available in black, beige or white).
  • A made-to-measure vest, suit and leggings for those who have more exacting sizing needs.

We recommend building up wear time gradually over a week doubling the amount of time daily until worn throughout the day e.g. 1st day – 1 hour, 2nd day – 2 hours, 3rd day – 4 hours up to a total of 8 hours a day.