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James and the Orange Clinic: A Definite Improvement

Posted on by Sarah Cunzolo, CPed, COA, CFo

When Robin found out her son James’s clinician, Shelley Sherbondy, CPO, was leaving her current clinic in New Haven, her reaction was immediate.

“I told her, ‘Tell me where you’re going—we’ll follow you,’” says Robin. Shelley was moving to the new Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics clinic outside of New Haven in Orange, CT. It opened in the fall of 2022, becoming Boston O&P’s first clinic in Connecticut. James and Robin were among the first patients.

James, 4, has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a few other conditions. Robin and James had been seeing Shelley since James got his first brace three years ago, and says the new Boston O&P of Orange clinic was a definite improvement.

“We love the location. We live in Milford so it’s closer to us,” she says. “It’s a very comfortable office and it’s way easier to get in and out, especially since James is in a chair. In New Haven we used to have to go to the fourth floor in a very large building where there were tons of people. Now we go to one spot, up one step and we’re there. It’s 20 minutes closer and much nicer. Everyone we have met at the clinic has been very sweet.”

While the location is more convenient for Robin, the primary reason for their move to Boston O&P was their relationship with Shelley. James adores music, loves rolling around in his chair, and although he does not speak, makes his mother laugh all day long with his funny antics, but he can be reserved with new people. Not with Shelley. “I know he’s comfortable with Shelley because she is very mellow and understanding,” says Robin. “That’s just what James needs.”

James wears AFO braces, which make a big difference in his ability to get around. “They really improve the alignment of his legs and help him do just about everything,” Robin says. “He loves standing up and going in his walker. What we’re able to do with braces has definitely improved his life.”

James goes to see Shelley whenever he starts to grow out of his braces, about every four to six months, but Robin says there have been no issues in between appointments due to Shelley’s meticulous care and fitting expertise. “Shelley makes sure everything fits when we walk out the door,” she says. “She will not send us home if things do not fit perfectly.”

For other moms in her position, Robin has two pieces of advice. First, choose Boston O&P for bracing. “Boston O&P has been very supporting, very comfortable, a very nice place to work with,” she says. And more generally, to moms of other kids who have CP, she has some words all moms need to hear: “You’re doing a great job, keep it up.”

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