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Sarah Cunzolo, COA, CFo, CPed

Marketing Manager, Certified Orthotic Assistant, Certified Fitter-orthotics, Certified Pedorthist Sarah Cunzolo, COA, CFo, CPed, Marketing Manager, Certified Orthotic Assistant, Certified Fitter-orthotics, Certified Pedorthist


  • Pediatric care with a focus in treating cranial asymmetries

Education, Certifications, Memberships

  • Working in the field since 2011
  •  University of Pittsburgh - Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training
  • Ӧssur – Certification Course - Fitter of Orthotics
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Pedorthist Program
  • Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Certified Pedorthist
  • Certified Orthotist Assistant
  • Certified Fitter of Orthotics

Philosophy: Treating patients is something that I look forward to! Working with the doctors, parents, and physical therapists to reach the best outcome possible for the kids is my number goal. I like to take time to listen and get the whole story which allows treatment to be unique to each patient.

Bio: What led me to this field was a recruiter who called in my fifth year of being an athletic trainer. I never knew this was a career. Once I discovered how much we could help patients increase their function and decrease their pain, I was hooked. Since then I have pursued three certifications and taken opportunities to grow in my skills and knowledge. Personally, I always choose to be a lifelong learner and I am open to new ideas and concepts.

Outside of work I am involved in volunteering for my church. I have taught myself how to play the piano and acoustic guitar. I also love going for long bike rides, hikes, rock climbing, playing pickle ball, and reading books.

I still enjoy hiking and playing my guitar in my spare time. But mostly have grown a lot in the past few months learning new skills in the woodshop in crafting charcuterie boards and painting my art on them. I participate in art shows on the weekends with my side hustle of Siroh & Ivy. 

Associated Clinics

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