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The Boston Band as a Single Helmet Solution for Plagiocephaly

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If your baby has plagiocephaly or “flat-head syndrome,” a common condition characterized by a flat spot on the back or side of a baby’s head, your pediatrician may recommend an orthotic helmet to correct the cranial asymmetry and promote a more rounded head shape.

A corrective helmet, also known as a cranial remolding orthosis (CRO), acts as a mold for the infant’s head, restricting further asymmetric growth and guiding the flattened areas to grow into the empty space of the helmet in a normal, rounded fashion.

As the developer of the Boston Band, the industry leading corrective helmet for plagiocephaly, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics has treated thousands of babies with deformational plagiocephaly. One of the most common questions we hear from parents is: Will my baby need a second helmet?

The answer depends on which CRO you use. Unlike some helmets—such as the DOC Band from Cranial Technologies, which sometimes requires a second helmet if the baby outgrows the first one—Boston O&P’s Boston Band has a unique multi-layer design that allows the provider to modify the helmet as the baby grows, so you only need one helmet for the entire duration of the treatment.

Why is a single helmet solution better? While the process of measuring a baby’s head in order to create a custom-fit helmet is not painful, it does involve a visit to a clinic for the measurement, a fitting when the helmet is ready, and a break-in period to ensure the helmet is comfortable and is not rubbing or irritating the skin. Having to go through the process once, rather than multiple times, is a significant convenience for parents and babies alike. In addition to the extra steps a second helmet requires, there may be additional out-of-pocket cost for a second helmet.

“The most important difference between the Boston Band and other helmeting solutions is the layered foam that makes up the Boston Band’s interior,” said Steve Slawinski, a certified orthotist, clinic director of the Boston O&P of Voorhees, NJ, and a moderator of the Boston Band & Plagiocephaly Support Group on Facebook.

“This allows the orthotist to remove layers to increase the volume inside the Boston Band if the fit is too tight or to accommodate the natural growth of the head,” said Slawinski. “Other types of bands lack this feature, so it can be more difficult to adjust the helmet as the baby’s head grows.”

In addition to making adjustments easier, a single helmet solution will save parents money if the cost of the helmet is not fully covered by the family's insurance provider, since a single helmet will cost much less than two.

To learn more about the Boston Band and what you should expect during an office visit regarding plagiocephaly, visit Boston O&P.

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