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John Berteletti, CO

Certified Orthotist John Berteletti, CO, Certified Orthotist


  • Pediatric Orthotics
  • Scoliosis

Education, Certification, Memberships

  • Worcester State University - BS of Health Sciences 1991
  • Northwestern University - Certificate of Orthotics 1992
  • Licensed in the State of New Jersey and the State of Pennsylvania
  • Certified in Boston Brace 3D, Providence Brace, Charleston Bending Brace, Rigo-Cheneau Brace
  • Member, Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics Association
  • Member, Spinal Society

Bio: I began my career at Boston O&P after meeting the Miller family in 1989. I was considering pursuing an advanced degree in sports medicine when Rusty Miller brought me into Boston Children’s Hospital. He introduced me to the field of orthotics. I was immediately inspired by a medical career that allowed me to change lives and work with my hands. I have been with Boston O&P since 1991.

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