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The Boston T

T-shirt that can be worn under scoliosis brace as well as under usual clothes.

The Boston T is the perfect pairing with a Boston Brace and comes in two options: the Boston T and the Boston Silver T.

The Boston T is a protective body sock made of CoolMAX/Lycra, with an antibacterial fiber. The Boston T will stretch more than 150% to ensure a wrinkle free fit under your brace. The Boston T is superior to a regular T-shirt for cushioning and wicking perspiration away from your skin.

The Boston Silver T is also made of CoolMAX but includes X-static pure silver fiber. Silver is the most effective antimicrobial agent available. It will eliminate odor-causing bacteria and fungus. It is also anti-static and will stay cool in the summer, but warm in the winter. CAUTION: The Boston Silver T should be removed prior to having a MRI or HBO.

Axilla Flaps: The Boston T is available in single (one arm hole) or double (both arms) axilla flaps. Axilla flaps are located in the armpit area and provide greater comfort. 

NOTE: For our patient’s safety, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics can only accept returns for credit on unopened packages.

Special Offer: If you purchase 5 T's you will get a 6th T FREE.

Sizes Available

Size Width Circumference Length
Small 6" 16" - 24"  19" 
Medium 8" 24" - 32" 21"
Large 10" 32" - 40" 28"
X-Large 12" 40" - 48" 28"


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How To Wear The Boston T With Your Boston Brace

We recommend wearing the scoliosis brace under clothes with the Boston T under the brace. The Boston T's anti-static and perspiration wicking properties will provide a comfortable experience under the patient's typical outfits. 

In addition, Boston O&P supplies a wide variety of other pads and accessories in multiple sizes. Please contact customer service at 800.262.2235 or to learn more about our full line of Boston O&P accessories.