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Learn more about the lower-limb orthoses offered by Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, including profiles of the clinicians that fabricate and fit our lower limb orthoses, the conditions that can benefit from treatment with lower limb orthoses, and patients that are achieving their dreams through the use of orthotic devices.

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His Happiness Makes Everything Easier

His Happiness Makes Everything EasierGavin Wells sidles up to his sister on the couch, “Oh, baby sister, so cute. Hold hands.” He loves to cuddle with her, says his mom Brigid, “But then, if you put her in his lap, he says, ‘So big.’” At 27-inches tall and just under 20 pounds, 3-year-old Gavin is almost the same size as his 7-month-old sister Ananda.

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Posted 11.26.2018

Tech Q&A with David Benedict

Tech Q&A with David BenedictDavid Benedict, CTPO, is a technician in the Peabody, Mass., clinic. He fabricates braces, from pouring to modifying all the way to finishing and strapping, so practitioners have the quickest and most efficient fits possible. He's always available to drop what he's doing to assist with fits and adjustments when needed.

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Posted 9.24.2018

Tech Q&A with Kasey Zaleski

Tech Q&A with Kasey ZaleskiKasey Zaleski has a bright future ahead of her. This finish technician, who has been with Boston O&P for the past year, would love to one day become a prosthetist/orthotist. For now, though, she's focused on supporting the fabrication team in any way she can.

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Posted 8.13.2018

New Night Brace and KAFO Transform the Life of Girl with Spina Bifida

New Night Brace and KAFO Transform the Life of Girl with Spina BifidaKaden has spina bifida, and needs an AFO on one leg and a KAFO on the other in order to walk and stand. Kaden and her mom have been dealing with different orthotists and various devices since birth, but never found one that did more than the bare minimum. Then they found Craig Edmunds, a certified orthotist and the clinical director of the Pittsburgh region for of Boston O&P, and that changed everything. This is Kaden's story, as told by her mom.

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Posted 5.23.2018

Tech Q&A with Gary Mathis

Tech Q&A with Gary MathisGary Mathis joined Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics as a technician in June 2017. He specializes in fabricating, altering, and repairing braces and orthotics, and has also performed repairs and made some adjustments on prostheses. Gary obviously loves what he does...he's been in the O&P profession for 35+ years and works in our Cleveland (Westlake) office.

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Posted 4.11.2018

'It's Not a Disability, It's a Different Ability'

'It's Not a Disability, It's a Different Ability' The first time Michael O’Hearn won an alpine skiing medal he slept with it for months. Peculiar? Maybe. But by all accounts, the freckle-faced 16-year-old shouldn’t be standing on a mountain, let alone skiing down one. Born with a rare…

Posted 2.20.2018

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