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Matt Westlake, CO

Certified Orthotist, Clinical Director of Manhattan and River Edge Matt Westlake, CO, Certified Orthotist, Clinical Director of Manhattan and River Edge

Education, Certification & Memberships

  • Bachelor's Degree, Biology/Psychology, Fordham University
  • Post Bachelor's Degree, Orthotics, Newington Certificate Program, University of Connecticut
  • First recipient of the Tom McVeigh - Kimberly St. Germain Human Spirit Award
  • American Board of Certification, Certified Orthotist

Bio: Matt Westlake CO, former CEO of Lorelei Orthotics and Prosthetics, is a pediatric orthotist who specializes in rare orthopedic and neurological pathologies in children.

Matt got his start in the field after suffering a neck injury while playing football at Fordham University. In order to stay involved with the team, he accepted a position as a student athletic trainer his freshman year. By Matt’s junior year he was head student athletic trainer and worked in many facets of sports rehabilitation in the Fordham University Athletic Department. This influenced him to take his education to a medical path, and create a double major in Biology and Psychology.

After graduating in 1993, Matt transitioned to Acute Care Rehabilitation at the Valley Hospital, working as a physical therapist aide. In his position, Matt was exposed to every discipline of physical therapy from orthopedic, neurological, med/surgical, cardiac, pediatric, geriatric, psychiatric, and wound care.

While working at Valley Hospital full time, Matt was taking advanced physics and cadaver anatomy classes at Mercy College. It was at this time that Matt was introduced into the field of orthotics and decided to apply to the Newington Certificate Program at the Newington Children’s Hospital in Connecticut, and was accepted in 1996. He graduated in 1997 and became the first recipient of The Tom McVeigh - Kimberly St. Germain Human Spirit Award.

In July 1997, Matt started his NCOPE Residency with Rick Psonack CPO at Mississippi Methodist Rehab center in Jackson Mississippi. He chose this region due to its unique bracing style and patient population.

After this experience and getting to work in all areas of orthotics, Matt moved back to New York and started working for Lorelei Orthotics in July 1998. After receiving his ABC certification in that same year, Matt worked through the ranks from technician, to practitioner specializing in rare orthopedic and neurologic disorders in children.

By 2006, Matt became a partner for Lorelei and eventually sole owner from 2010-2018. As sole owner he ran offices in New Jersey, New York City, and Westchester, and made his own braces in Lorelei’s own central fabrication facility. He currently works for Boston O&P as Clinical Director for NYC, NY, and River Edge, NJ offices.

Successful orthotic treatment for children starts with an open line of communication and a team approach between the parents, therapists and physicians to ensure the patient receives the best all around care possible.

Matt believes in providing personalized care to accommodate each patient’s unique biomechanical  and psychosocial needs. It is very important to evaluate the whole child, not just one body part. Clinical expertise is just as important as technical expertise and for that fact Matt spends a lot extra hours keeping up with new clinical data and techniques. The more one knows about one's job, the easier it becomes.

Matt presently resides in Maywood, NJ with his wife Heather and their three children.

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