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Lisa Cherry, CO

Certified Orthotist Lisa Cherry, CO, Certified Orthotist


  • Pediatric and geriatric Orthotics

Education, Certification & Memberships

  • Over 30 years in the O&P field
  • American board certified since 2003

Philosophy: I love working with both the children and adults for their bracing needs. It is very gratifying to watch a patient walk for the first time after a long illness or watch a child take its first steps. Knowing that you really are helping someone in this world is a great feeling.

Bio: I have been in the Orthotic field for over 30 years and started out as a technician. I have a brother who wore leg braces at a young age and it was amazing to see how those braces allowed him to achieve all his daily activities for without them he could not walk. I was fortune enough to be accepted by a nearby technical school that taught orthotics and prosthetics and that is where my career started.

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